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PRINCE2 – How Can It Help My Project?

PRINCE2 – So how does It Help?
What many of the folks don’t seem to understand is that even PRINCE2 evolved out of the best practices? More over idea development part of PRINCE2 came from the private sector. The method was later procured by the UK government to their credit, while they ensured it remains compatible with the private sector projects.

SkillogicThere is another widespread misconception that PRINCE2 is ideally suitable only for large projects. However as you start going through the manual pages, you will realize how robust and scalable the entire framework and structure is. This makes it an ideal candidate that can be tailored to any project size for any industry.

A peep into the past 15 years will show that PRINCE2 organization has applied (or at least attempted to do so) in much heavy handed manner. As you go through the manual pages you will also realize how overly bureaucratic it all sounds. Any such perception gives a clear view that it has been used without tailored to the requirement. Increasingly IT companies are adopting Agile development environment, PRINCE2 is designed in a way that it can be easily adapted to Agile environment.

Before we jump into discussing the benefits of PRINCE2 Certification, I would like to clear one more misconception and that it adds an additional layer of project management and thereby increases overhead. This statement is wrong outright as the essence of PRINCE2 is project management!

Skillogic PRINCE2 Training HyderabadApplying PRINCE2 to accelerate your chances of project success
•    The role and responsibility for the individual can easily be defined in PRINCE2. The project board executive role holds ultimate authority and ensures the actions are implemented and the decisions are made for the right reasons.
•    PRINCE2 employs product based planning approach in determining the details of the task and activities. This approach is logical and effective and ensures that project scope is well planned and understood.
•    The quality criteria for each of the products or deliverable are defined clearly. While defining the quality criteria, it is also taken into account how each of the criteria will be measured.
•    There is a provision for decision points, these are placed strategically towards the end stage to ensure right people are involved. These people have to take informed decisions, about whether the project should be carried forward or should be stopped or does it require any changes in the specification to meet the objective.
•    There are also control points to track the progress for ensuring decisions are made in a timely matter.
•    The program is structured in way which facilitates continued review even during while this key document is being reviewed. The business case describes measurable benefits and strikes a right balance between the risk and the cost to ensure business case viability is maintained at all times and is good enough to base key management decisions to decide whether project should be continued, discontinued or requires modification.
•    Since PRINCE2 is flexible, it can easily be adapted with tailored approach to suit different types and size of the projects operating under varied environments.

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Project Management Plan Guide for Your PMP Exam

You want to prepare for the Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam and don’t know from where to start then here is a guide for PM Plan that you should follow before sitting for PMP Exam. If you have already read the PMBOK (a guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge) that talks about the Project Management Plan and still confused then this article will help you to come out of all your confusions and understand the essentials of Project Management Plan that will lead you towards PMP Exam success.

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This article helps you to understand what is Project Management Plan, it’s essential for project success and PMP Exam success, about additional plans and documents, as well as changes made to the Project Management Plan once approved.

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1. Project Management Plan
The PMBOK Guide mentions that the Project Management Plan is the document that explains how a project is accomplished, supervised, and managed. The Project Management Plan consists of documenting hypothesis and decisions; to correspond how the project will be completed; and documenting high level goals, expenses, and targets. The Project Management Plan created is much more than a single document, incorporating additional plans and documents created during the Planning Process Group that is likely to be revised during the progress of project and it is the living document.

2. Project Management Plan important for project and PMP Exam success
The Project Management Plan should answer to questions like why a project was promoted, what problems it is likely to find out, or what significance the project is likely to put in. It should explain the work to be executed and about the major deliverables or products. It should help you to spot, who are occupied in the project, their responsibilities, and how they are structured. It should describe how the work to be executed to meet the project goals and how to monitor and control any changes. If all these are integrated in the Project Management Plan then you will be able to answer all the questions that will occur during a project.

3. Additional plans and documents
The additional plans can be explained based on the type of plan, the particular requirement of the project and the requisites of the performing organization. For an example, the Cost Management Plan is the subsidiary plan of the Plan Cost Management Process. Additional documents are the starting point or the baselines developed as part of the Planning Processes, which comprise the schedule baseline, cost performance baseline, and scope baseline where the scope baseline consists of scope statement, WBS, and WBS dictionary. Some of the additional plans of the Planning Processes are Scope Management, Schedule Management, Requirements Management, Process Improvement, Quality Management, Communications Management, Procurement Management, Human Resource, and Stakeholder Management.

4. Changes made in the Project Management Plan
Changes in the Project Management Plan are brought through a Change Control System. This system includes of methods to appeal, reassess, and consent changes. Appeals are normally made using a form, either through paper or electronic, later appeals are reassessed by the project manager, project supporter, select set of stakeholders, a change control board, or by whoever is responsible to reassess appeals by the performing organization. Once the change is consented the Project Management Plan is restructured. Changes that are not appealed through the Change Control System or consented should not be executed as it will let the project go out of control.

As it is well-known that practice makes perfect, it is advised to you to explain to one of your friends (who is not a project manager) about Project Management Plan, its development and changes, so if you win in it then it will lead you to success in PMP Exam and shows that you have clearly understood the use of Project Management Plan in your projects.

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