2014 Year – 5 Different Data Analytics Trends

2014 Year – 5 Different Data Analytics Trends

The year 2014 has witnessed a number of such Data Analytics Trends that will be dominating the industry for data related decisions even in the next coming years. Five main and important trends among the list can be elaborated now.

2014 Year – 5 Different Data Analytics Trends

Data Visualization

The concept of Data Visualization is based on interactivity. Visual analytics is the method through which the entrepreneurs can interact with the consumers or clients based on the data sets. This can be a solid and important method of decision making where the users can interact and analyze properly before coming to a conclusion. This particular method can also be a help for the analytics that includes complex statistics and calculations. Not only can the decision making process, visual analytics also help an user to collaborate with another business user based on the interactivity and the question answer sessions.

Mobile Data

Recently devices like tablets and smart phones are ruling gadgets of the society that has changed the habits of the consumers. Now people are more comfortable in surfing internet or viewing mails in their smart phone or tablets rather than on a desktop or a personal computer. This is the reason the year 2014 also noticed the growth of mobile videos to be the strongest way of data traffic. Through mobile devices and mobile data, the organizations are able to reach more targeted consumers than ever. As per a market survey, almost 1 billion dollars consumers were easily reached using mobile data in 2014.

Analytics in Cloud

The cloud service is the next new technique that has taken growth in the year of 2014. Services from Microsoft Azure and Amazon have stabilized a platform for cloud computing that can gain traffic from the market in lesser costs with intensive infrastructure. Thus this is a new technique that will help the organizations in achieving targets fast, with security and at an affordable rate.

Predictive Analytics

With great analytics infrastructure companies were able to check back their reports and hence corrected their failures for future. But 2014 brought a technique of analytics through which the companies can be foresighted and can plan in such a way that there is no failure in their decisions. Applications like Hadoop and visual analytics are a part of such a plan where the CIOs can have a check of their future outcomes and hence can plan in a better way with good results.

Existence of the Internet

Modern technology and internet together have given birth to a number of innovative ideas such as the Google glass and the smart watch in the year of 2014. These devices are not only a convenient gadget for the consumers but also are a medium for the companies to reach their target audience. Though these gadgets are not yet popular among the mass but with the help of these devices, the companies in future will definitely be able to get hold of a number of data sets in an effective and analytical way that will come up with profitable outcomes.

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