How CAPM is different from PMP and which one should a candidate select?

Project management has become now one of the new careers that individuals are aiming to be in. Recently a number of private and public sectors not only in India but also around the world are hiring professionals as a part of their project management team. The main parameters that are observed in such candidates are experience and qualifications. There are a number of certification courses now that have come up for such professionals, among which two of the most important ones are PMP and CAPM.

capm vs pmp

PMI or Project Management Institute administers both the courses that are PMP or Project Management Professional and CAPM or Certified Associate in Project Management. Though both the courses are both project management professionals and both are administered by PMI, but there are some differences between depending on which the candidates choose among these two courses.

Criteria to register

Certified Associate in Project Management or better known as CAPM was introduced by PMI in the year 2003. It is mainly a certification of entry level for practitioners in project management. The syllabus of the course is based on the PMBOK Guide. The minimum requirements that a candidate should have to get registered for this course are secondary diploma or equivalent certification and work experience of minimum 1,500 hours. If a candidate does not have work experience then he or she can have certification of project management education for about 23 hours.

PMP was introduced by PMI in the year of 1984 for project managers and other project management practitioners. The syllabus of PMP is also based on the PMBOK Guide but also includes other skills and knowledge as listed in the PMP website. There are two types of candidates who can get registered for PMP certification. Candidates who have high secondary degree should also have five years of experience in direct project management and 35 hours of formal education in project management. On the other hand candidates with four years of degree should have 3 years of experience in direct project management and 35 hours of formal education in project management.

The exam

In terms of exam, there are many differences in between the CAPM and PMP certification courses. The exam for CAPM lasts for 3 hours and has 150 numbers of multiple choice questions to answer from. The exam duration for PMP is of 4 hours, where a candidate has to answer 200 numbers of multiple choice questions.

Also, for CAPM exam a candidate can rely only on the PMBOK Guide but for PMP a candidate has to go through some other sources also along with the PMBOK Guide.

Selecting the course

PMP certification course is known to be the more important than the CAPM course. So, if a candidate meets all the requirements for getting registered with PMP, should always go for it. But in case of the person is not meeting the requirements then CAPM certification course is an entry level to certifications in project management. CAPM certification can serve as a ladder to get registered for other PMI certifications.

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