How ITIL and PRINCE2 are is important in modern project management

The modern project management or collaborative project management is adopted by a number of large industries since a long time. The collaborative project management takes place basically in the industries of aerospace, automotive and engineering industries. These industries depend high on project management because they need to have expert methods in developing and manufacturing materials. Project management has now become more important in these industries because now such enterprises are globally recognized and are developing each day.

ITIL & PRINCE2 in Project Management

Collaborative project management basically means the collaboration of more than one company that can be globally scattered at different locations. This is itself a big challenge for the project managers to coordinate and to manage the entire project. As today maximum of industries are into such collaborative projects, so the project managers in order to manage such difficulties opt for courses like PRINCE2 and ITIL. These highly qualified certification courses can help the project managers in understanding the process better and hence in implementing various methods for better outcome.

Both PRINCE2 and ITIL are excellent course that can be used in handling such projects with less difficulty. Some of the leading companies of the world have set examples in using such techniques and softwares that have proved beneficial in their collaborative projects. The project managers with such certification courses are able to have smooth and rapid communication and also gain expertise in achieving targets by creating their own methods.

It has been noticed that maximum of the problems and failures take place due to lack of communication or miscommunication. This often happens when the project manager is not able to provide the important information to the team members due to lack of proper communication networks. Of course by now this problem has been solved out with the introduction of internet in the projects. Also the ITIL certified managers often create new networks for having smooth and clear communication with their team members.

Being companies like BMW use such techniques and softwares for communication that can bring transparency in the system. There are various reasons that have pokes such big organizations to think massively on the point of communication network. One most important point is the implementation of the planning made. Often there may be times when the team has to divert from the existing plan and has to change to plan B. If this is not communicated then this can lead to massive loss and confusion. Similarly, for various administrative works also such as investment matters communication is very much important. Thus, smooth communication is needed for the employees to support each other and coordinate with each other right time. Various applications are now used for such methods for better working environment.

Thus, with the increasing modernity of the society, the project management is also getting modern and developed. The age old issues of communication and others are getting resolved with the help of new applications and softwares. Thus, the courses like ITIL and PRINCE2 are the methods that are helping many of the project managers in achieving proper goals in present collaborative projects.

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