PRINCE2 LVC Training Sample Videos

PRINCE2 one among worlds renowned project management frame work till date and  the year 2017 is going to bring a lot more opportunity for the certified professionals. Finding a reputable training institute which accompanied by well qualified professionals is a smart move for your career.

If you are looking for PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner Certification then Skillogic Knowledge Solution is providing  online classroom training and certification for it. These training classes are scheduled for 5 days and 2-3 hrs per day at merely Rs. 33900/. Here is a sample demo training video for you

PRINCE2 LVC Training Day 1 in Skillogic Knowledge Solution

PRINCE LVC Training Day 5 at Skillogic Knowledge Solution


How to pass PMP in First Attempt?

PMP is one of the top project management certification in the world. Its not easy to pass PMP exam in PMP. Skillogic Knowledge Solutions created video about this, Please watch below video and it will helpful to you to understand what is PMP and How to prepare for it?

Share your thoughts and questions regarding PMP Certification or any queries on the above video also subscribe Skiloogic Knowledge Solution YouTube channel for tutorials and training material for PMP.

Elements of DevOps Transformation-Explaining The Pieces

The DevOps is definitely a transformative no doubt. But at some point of time when something like this actually comes along then forgetting the complex and iterative process that is involved in the process of subsequent adoption is really something that is very easy.

For many organizations this may actually be a new start of experiencing the DevOps no doubt. And then there are many who are already too much into the utilization of the DevOps.

People may often question then what the progress rate of most of the industries is and that what are the various challenges that they may have to actually come across over a long period of time?

To solve the very confusion of the very same the industries have actually come up with the “DevOps Jigsaw”. This helps one in knowing that about 80% of people are new and are still basic whereas only 20% of the industries are old players and are advanced as well.

Thera re nearly nine pieces to DevOps “puzzle pieces”. These are easily segregated into three different groups namely the “Skilled and Collaborative IT”, “A Business Led Approach” and “Key Enablers and Controls”, by the experts.

Skilled and Collaborative IT –

The cultural and not to forget the automation capabilities that are extremely necessary so that the DevOps success can be fostered requires the very following:

  • Skills and knowledge relevant to the IT industry – this is actually related to the DevOps expertise development. Here most of the people agree that they actually do not have enough time to look for the results as they are mostly busy with the homework only.
  • The Cross-functional IT processes – this refers to the very internal collaboration of the DevOps. Here maximum people thinks that they really need to push harder to achieve the success that they are looking for.
  • Cultural harmony within IT – This refers to how united the DevOps team is. Also how they do work together to achieve same goals.Maximum people are simply not enticed by the idea of having a team at all.

The Business Led Approach –

This particular set  of the pieces make sure of the fact that the required objectives and the various strategies as well are required if they want to get through with the bonding of the DevOps adoption and the larger business goals. The following are included:

  • Strategies and objectives that are well defined: this particular stage tis the very planning stage of the DevOps and most of the people claims to have completed their work on the time.
  • Education of the business stakeholder – This can be easily termed as the informative stage and thus a person can really expect the information to be spread. Most people in this stage claims that the work is still under the very progress.
  • Alignment of priorities by the IT business – this is a directive stage of the DevOps and people mostly are trying hard to get the best of the same no doubt.

The Key Enablers and Controls – Actually looks forward to each and every technical issue. It is based on the Infrastructure that is right also not to forget the right kind of suppliers and the support needed. The security measures are also included.

People can easily understand that how very important they are.

Skillogic Knowledge Solutions is providing DevOps training in Bangalore in classroom mode and online mode. If you wants to do DevOps training consult Skillogic Bangalore. Recently Skillogic Launches DevOps Training in Chennai and Hyderabad also.

Job prospects with PRINCE2 Certification

The quality of your curriculum vitae assures you of your job. if you have a low profile CV then you cannot hope for a good job. If you want to add extra value to your CV then you must add PRINCE2 in your CV. PRINCE2 is the training course provider that enhances your skill in the project management. Adding this to your resume can add a higher value to your life. This helps in opening wider doors of opportunities. This can give you the chance to explore a broader professional world in world of job and competition.

Add value to your resume

Now you may ask the question that, how can PRINCE2 Certification help you in getting a job? Well the answer to this question is not that hard. It is basically a training process to improve the organizational and leadership abilities. It gives you the ability to improve project management and managerial qualities. Management method is the prerequisite for many jobs. If you have PRINCE2 in your CV then you are guaranteed of getting good opportunity. If you are looking for a job then this will definitely help you to get what you want. There are various other trainings provided to the learners, which can help in getting bigger jobs.

The initial opportunities

With PRINCE2, you can entre in the bigger world of profession by taking slow steps. If you are taking first step into the professional world then you can start as junior and trainee project manager. There are various graduate internships available for you too. You can take these small steps, which will lead you to the bigger scenario. Other than this, you can also opt for various project support roles. Project support roles require various IT skills and at least several months of practical skills. PRINCE2 can give you the chance to explore these areas of professional world too.

Bigger job options

While you are moving up in the professional world, you can opt for various positions like project planner and project analyst. You can go for such profession if you are experienced in the field. Usually these posts in life require an in-depth knowledge to be specific and practical application. With PRINCE2, you can also play the role of a project manager. The basic role of a project planner is to coordinate set resources like people, money and material. This is very important for delivering the specified products to the customers. Once you get to these posts the salary will not be a issue anymore. You can definitely get high payment for your services.

A promise of a bright future

Therefore, PRINCE2 is not exactly a job placement for you rather it is a skill development program that gives you the right skill for applying better jobs in future. You can plan and manage the business efficiently with this technology. Hence adding this in your CV can surely guarantee you of a safe future because it gives you a global acceptance. Companies search for it to get assure about the skill of the employee. It is a promise of a bright future.

Skillogic Knowledge Solutions is providing PRINCE2 Certification Training in Bangalore, Trivandrum, Coimbatore, Delhi, Chennai, Pune, and Hyderabad. Sign-up with Skillogic and become Certified PRINCE2.