Is Agile Project management the new kid in town?

September is that time of the month when you can leave behind your desk and go meet some the peers in conferences. You can just forget about the office and escape into a world of the latest buzz. PRNCE2 practitioner training has been around for many years and thousands of managers have taken the exams and are now registered practitioners. But now the new kid on the block is Agile Project Management system that is considered one of the most popular certification courses around. The UK government is encouraging managers to use Agile in all the different departments.

What is Agile?

Agile is basically a collaboration of different approaches which includes things like Atern, Scrum and Crystal. These systems were brought together to formulate the Agile manifesto that would help to give managers a concrete statement of shared values on software development and business support. Approaches such as lean developments has joined forces in order to create access to beyond the bound software in the different business areas.

What is this project?

This project mainly aims to involve the users in all the levels and to get a collaborated approach between all the parties. External suppliers as well as other parties can come together to form a good control system that will ensure shorter increments and faster delivery. It helps to deliver business value. It also has a wonderful way to teach you how to prioritize your features in order to get maximum benefits. These are some of the many reasons why this is attracting so much attention and has gained such a huge amount of popularity.

Is this certification beneficial?

This is extremely beneficial as it is a mixture of some of the most important trainings required for a managerial position. It does not only focus on the development of the team but it also helps to increase the scope of the structure and control. It helps to guide the project management regarding the risks and escalation that might harm a business. It helps to manage the quality of the development along with the overall development. It helps the business to stay within a budget and makes sure that they know how to prioritize the features.

 It helps to give strong governance that helps to clear responsibilities in order to corporate with the management team. It can be used to manage incremental projects along with team working. It gives special attention to prototyping and facilitated workshops. It should be made compulsory for any manager’s continuing professional development.

This is a robust programme that is a must on the CV. Many a time top executive teams only hire people with these types of certificates. Since now this Agile management programme is being given the highest recommendation, this is the exam to take. This certification will help you gain access to many different job opportunities that you would not be otherwise eligible for. Thus this is one of the best certified management courses to take if you want to make it big in your career.

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