The Most Vital Key To Agile Development: Discipline. Don’t Underestimate It

Agile Development Dont Underestimate It

Ask any expert about the hottest methodology of Software development? You will get an unanimous response that Agile is the best. Agile is no more just a methodology of software development, but a neo thinking that will spruce up your chances of entering the software development domain.

As per recent survey conducted by the State of Version One’s Agile development it is seen that that there has been an increase of 83% since 2013. It also says that more than 52% software developers use Agile in most of their projects. The agile mode of development has a competitive edge and is more effective than the traditional waterfall model.

Lets discuss what makes Agile the most preferred software development methodology.

1. Discipline:

You may be a Agile master knowing in and out of all twelve principles and all its framework like Scrum, Lean, XP, Kanban, Scrumban etc. but there are chances that you may misinterpret the process and deviate from the focus due to lack of discipline.

You need strong commitment, consistency, cooperation and superb communication amongst your team to deliver the optimum results. As a developer you should be able to communicate your task, share your achievements and shout for help when you are snowballed.

2. Striking a Balance:

Here we are talking about balancing documentation and face to face communication. Agile always promotes direct communication however the lack of documentation practice may lead to slip of discipline and lackluster job. It is not necessary to write down each minute detail of your plan and over burden your scrum board. You need to strike a perfect balance in which it can benefit your development team. For example User manuals should be properly documented as per the rules and regulation but you should not go overboard with a load of information.

3. How to handle risk situations?

Agile techniques are flexible but not predictable, so an emergency may arise at any point of time. You should fight it out as a unified team and not let one man take the fall. Here discipline comes as mandatory trait and procedures should be adhered absolutely.

4. Unstable Resources:

Rotation of team members is a challenge that agile team faces quiet frequently. In the beginning of a project there performance and productivity of a team is generally high. Then you see a sudden decline in performance with the attrition of team members. It is rather very difficult to achieve optimum performance of the team throughout the entire developmental stage of the project. You must evaluate the kick backs that may come if a member of the team leaves and how can that be fulfilled by a new resource or the person next in line.

5. Overnight Changes:

These days start up business use Agile in their building their software right from the start which gives them a competitive edge over their competitors. However as per experts – Established businesses should be patient while switching over from waterfall to model as business in smaller scale which was done using traditional model may not actually work on the Agile platform.

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