Job prospects with PRINCE2 Certification

The quality of your curriculum vitae assures you of your job. if you have a low profile CV then you cannot hope for a good job. If you want to add extra value to your CV then you must add PRINCE2 in your CV. PRINCE2 is the training course provider that enhances your skill in the project management. Adding this to your resume can add a higher value to your life. This helps in opening wider doors of opportunities. This can give you the chance to explore a broader professional world in world of job and competition.

Add value to your resume

Now you may ask the question that, how can PRINCE2 Certification help you in getting a job? Well the answer to this question is not that hard. It is basically a training process to improve the organizational and leadership abilities. It gives you the ability to improve project management and managerial qualities. Management method is the prerequisite for many jobs. If you have PRINCE2 in your CV then you are guaranteed of getting good opportunity. If you are looking for a job then this will definitely help you to get what you want. There are various other trainings provided to the learners, which can help in getting bigger jobs.

The initial opportunities

With PRINCE2, you can entre in the bigger world of profession by taking slow steps. If you are taking first step into the professional world then you can start as junior and trainee project manager. There are various graduate internships available for you too. You can take these small steps, which will lead you to the bigger scenario. Other than this, you can also opt for various project support roles. Project support roles require various IT skills and at least several months of practical skills. PRINCE2 can give you the chance to explore these areas of professional world too.

Bigger job options

While you are moving up in the professional world, you can opt for various positions like project planner and project analyst. You can go for such profession if you are experienced in the field. Usually these posts in life require an in-depth knowledge to be specific and practical application. With PRINCE2, you can also play the role of a project manager. The basic role of a project planner is to coordinate set resources like people, money and material. This is very important for delivering the specified products to the customers. Once you get to these posts the salary will not be a issue anymore. You can definitely get high payment for your services.

A promise of a bright future

Therefore, PRINCE2 is not exactly a job placement for you rather it is a skill development program that gives you the right skill for applying better jobs in future. You can plan and manage the business efficiently with this technology. Hence adding this in your CV can surely guarantee you of a safe future because it gives you a global acceptance. Companies search for it to get assure about the skill of the employee. It is a promise of a bright future.

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An Overview On DevOps

DevOps is one such movement which has gained it paced for the last few months. Organizations of all size and shapes that have implemented the DevOps techniques have shown tremendous growth and have put a positive impact in the software development world. It is obvious fact that every CEO and CFO of software organizations would definitely want their operations and development teams to work seamlessly and a reduction in their maintenance and services costs.


DevOps is a practice in which the development, operations and business teams works together to develop new software services for the organization. DevOps has resulted into a cultural shift within a software organization, has changed the relationship between its business and technology sections. This cultural shift has allowed the software organizations to progress at a much faster pace than before. This faster pace has enabled the organization to keep up with demands of the business in market with time and also the lifecycles of the products and the services.

So, get a quick look at the overview on DevOps which includes its components and benefits. You can implement DevOps in many ways.

Implementation Of DevOps Techniques

Before implementing the DevOps techniques you need to know about how the different sections of your organization like architecture, technology, application development, engineering, marketing, sales, product development works together. First the software organization should present itself as one team which heads towards the same direction. A strong leadership is needed in the organization that can eliminate any roadblocks that can slow down the team’s performance. Every team member needs to project themselves as an essential part of the team. Thus, when implementing DevOps techniques, you have to commence from a small area and expand it to larger section overtime.

Development and Application Of Infrastructure

Some components of DevOps are development specific and therefore, all the other sections need to support the functions of development teams. For developing your infrastructure first you have to employ an agile methodology which is relevant for you organization. Implementations of such methodologies should be focused and small. While implementation, you need to perform tests that are highly defined and focused and executed rapidly. The development of application should be based on SaaS and API concepts. One of the important components of DevOps is Infrastructure as Code which is used in the implementation and development of infrastructure configurations.

Concepts Supporting DevOps

There are many common concepts that support and enable a DevOps collaborative framework within the software organization. Below are listed some concepts that supports DevOps.
* Leadership – Leadership is one such component without which DevOps cannot exist. A strong leadership is very much needed for an organization to develop and it leads the organization to a predictable success.
* Communication– For the well implementation of DevOps techniques, it is very much important to have a continuous and consistent communication between the different teams and within the teams.
* Strong External Technology partnerships– DevOps is well supported by keeping the partners of the organization close to itself.

Today every software organization is heading towards implementing DevOps techniques. The best way to implement DevOps is by starting with a small team and applying this on one project. In conclusion, there may be some roadblocks in the due course but you need to keep trying until the benefits show up.

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Things that you don’t know about PMP Certification

There is a rapid growth that is causing employees and many students to consider a career in the project management field. Infrastructure development, healthcare, and green technologies are now in 2016 referred as some of the fastest growing opportunity for everyone to fill in for their job. Project management has now emerged as one of the most influential professions.


Meaning of PMP Certification

PMP Certification is sanctioned by the Project Management Institute. For most of the roles this certification is actually not needed but it is very beneficial if you have one because it reflects your technical skills, your clients will trust your every word and so will your employers, and you also can get higher payment or promotion to higher rank. PMP-certified managers have assets of more than 20% over non-certified counterpart. This is certificate is globally recognized as only project managers.

Educational requirements for the certificate examination

To sit for the PMP certificate examination, one candidate must have one of the following two criteria:

Bachelor’s Degree and 3 years of PM experience with 4500 hours leading and directing projects


High School diploma and 5 years of PM experience with 7500 hours leading and directing projects

Additional requirements like you must engage in 35 contact hours of project management training. Training in college, school, an employer program, a community, etc. can satisfy the need.

From where do you begin?

Now, if you are eligible, then it is the time for preparation for the exam. You to have enrolled in a format, PMI-approved project management training course. Pass rate for the PMP exam is roughly 65%, so you have to be sure that you are well ahead of your scheduled time and you are taking the test preparation process seriously. The PMBOK – Project Management Body of Knowledge will help to navigate through everything.


A PMP-certified manager must complete 60 PDUs every 3 years. Professional Development Units (PDUs) are credits which maintain a project manager’s certification after successful completion of the PMP examination. There are countless ways to acquire pre-exam contact hours through independent and PMI-certified activities. That is why it is important to keep a record of this supplemental instruction, because you have to report to the PMI or in any other event.


The Project Management Professional certification is becoming widely popular rapidly in recent years. Now it is widely accepted, implemented and a required certification even for some companies in the project management. The PMP certification is the perfect choice for anyone who is dreaming of the project management degree on his name as the manager of a company who keeps record of everything. Under whom employees will be working and getting paid a lot of cash. The increase of marketability to employers, reputation with clients seeking growth every year.

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Choosing a certificate course for the IT industry is one of the smartest moves in the history of your career. It helps you attain a way lot more than you can imagine. The question here though is not if you would choose a certificate course or not, because any ways you would have to, but the question that arises here is that what course you would choose. The best two courses that people are generally confused in choosing are the PMP course and PRINCE2 course respectively. Both are exceptional in their own way.

A knowledgeable comparison between PMP and PRINCE2:

The purpose of this article is to help to choose between one of these courses, though both are equally good. Lets evaluate the exceptional characteristics of all three, The PMP course, The PRINCE2 Foundation course and the PRINCE2 Practitioner courses in the below stated points.


  • PMP Course:PMP Training by Skillogic

    – This course is mainly common in countries like USA, Canada, Middle East and Australia.
    – This exam has 200 multiple choice questions with a time limit of 240 minutes to itself with no extra time provided.
    – This exam is an examination where there is no policy of open book examination pattern.
    – The pass marks required to clear this exam is around 62%, which is not disclosed personally, and has to be attempted in an allotted exam centre.
    – Prerequisites have to be cleared in order to clear the course. A prior experience of 3 years as a project manager or of 5 years only if has not completed the 4 year degree course.
    – Also 4500 hours of leading and managing projects and 7500 hours if not over with the 4 year degree course would be a criterion to be met. 35 hours of formal project management would also be necessary.
    – Renewal after every 3 years is a necessity for this certificate.

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  • PRINCE2 Foundation Course:PRINCE2 Training by Skillogic

    – This PRINCE2 course is mainly common in countries like UK, Europe, and Australia.
    – This exam has 75 multiple choice questions with a time limit of 60 minutes and 15 minutes of extra time is provided.
    – The pass marks required to clear this exam is around 50%.
    – There is no expiration for this certificate.
    – A formal training may be required for the prerequisite.

  • PRINCE2 Practitioner Course:

    – This course is mainly common in countries like UK, Europe, and Australia.
    – This exam has 8×10 objective questions with a time limit of 150 minutes and 30 minutes of extra time is provided.
    – The pass marks required to clear this exam is around 55%.
    – There is an expiration of 3-5 years for this certificate.
    – A formal training may be required for the prerequisite.
    – It permits an open book examination policy.

With all the above explanations on the characteristics of these certificates one must be very clear in thought as to which course might prove to be more beneficial for them. It will reduce their effort of choosing the course that will suit their interest the most.

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10 Career Building Certifications

Making a career in IT is the best option nowadays. It is more of a trend than a career choice. We cannot blame it though, as the world is in need of these IT professionals. While achieving a good position out of this particular career, one must have, one or the other time wondered that how to utilize this profession, in order to achieve the desired position. The fact is not hidden.

The certifications which help in the IT career building:
The below mentioned certificates would definitely help you achieve your goals in the field of IT:

• The CCNA –
The Cisco Certified Network Associate also known as the CCNA is the most favourite certificate chosen by the IT professionals whose interests are related to the network related areas. This particular certificate helps one to prove their skills in installing, configuring, troubleshooting route.

• ITIL V3 Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management-
This particular certificate is one of the very best and is being accepted by IT departments throughout the world. It is a practice framework which is used to Manage IT Service.

• The MCITP –
This particular certificate also known as the Microsoft Certified IT Professional certifications is Microsoft’s new baby to the list of their specialized certifications. This helps the professionals to utilize their skills in various ways which in turn helps the IT industries.

• The VCP –
The VMware Certified Professional Virtualization has managed to gain a lot of attention. This Program is very much designed for only a particular set of people who are very much capable in handling virtual infrastructure.

• The MCPD –
The Microsoft Certified Professional Developer is a certificate suited for those, who want to create and also successfully support the software solutions which are very much needed in IT. This particular credential makes sure of particular skills that one needs to utilize successfully with the help of Microsoft Visual Studio and the Microsoft.NET frame work.

• The CompTIA Strata Green IT:
This certificate is specially designed so that an IT professional’s knowledge and existing IT credentials get a chance of improving. This one is the CompTIA’s newest certification programs. This certificate helps in training on calculating ROI for green IT initiatives.

• The CompTIA Security+:
This particular certification will always successfully remain an important part of IT. It is international by nature. It is also a vendor-neutral certification, which manages to prove that there is still competency in system security, organizational security, access control and network infrastructure.

• The CCA –
The Cisco Career Certification program offers a varied range of certifications from various levels starting from the entry-level and ending in the master level. This particular certificate though holds the highest accreditation achievable. It is made for the very experienced Cisco network professionals.

• The PMP –
Most of the IT industry deals with project related work so the project management certification helps you. This helps in professional management of the projects.

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• The MCTS –
The Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist offers various certificates. This helps in handling extremely challenged situations too.

All the above mentioned certificates will definitely help you achieve the best out of your IT career.

Photos of Skillogic PRINCE2 Training in Chennai

PRINCE2 is one of the important certification for IT professionals now a days. Skillogic is one of the authorized training centre for PRINCE2 Certification in India. Classroom training available at Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai. Along with classroom training, Skillogic is also providing online training and corporate training.

Below are the some photos of Skillogic PRINCE2 training in Chennai location

PRINCE2 Training Photos

Skillogic PRINCE2 Training Pics 1 Skillogic PRINCE2 Training Pics 2 Skillogic PRINCE2 Training Pics 3

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What is PRINCE2:
The project-management methodology PRINCE2 (an acronym for PRojects IN Controlled Environments, version 2) encompasses quality management, control and organization of a project with consistency and review to align with project objectives.[citation needed] PRINCE2 is a certification program for practitioners in the methodology who are accredited, qualified through training. PRINCE2 emphases dividing projects into manageable and controllable stages. The owner of PRINCE2, AXELOS, originated as a joint venture of the UK government and Capita, with 49% and 51% stakes respectively.( Ref:

Find the actual worth of getting an ITIL foundation certification

The acronym for ITIL is Information Technology Infrastructure Library. ITIL foundation certification is a course for the people who are working as support staff in Service Desk, as business analyst, as IT Managers and IT support personnel etc. Getting a certification in ITIL by various IT professionals can be best as, this lays the foundation stone for the people in IT professional to grow. Because ITIL certified person represents that he has got good knowledge on the best practices that’s’ been used in the IT industries and they are ready to apply this knowledge for the betterment of organization and their future.

ITIL Foundation Certification

Courses in ITIL Foundation certification

The course for ITIL foundation certification can be taken in two ways:

  1. Self- study Mode -> Wherein you can study the materials available online and appear for the examination. Roughly, it takes around 3 days to complete the course online.
  2. Class room Mode -> There are so many institutes who claim that they provide world-class training and they finish the course in 1-2 days depending on the number of hours you are ready to spend.

The examination contains 40 multiple choice questions and you will have 1 hour of time to finish the examination. You need to answer 26 or more questions correctly to pass the examination and get the certificate and then you can use ITIL certified in your resumes which adds in extra weightage to the resume. The trick to clear the examination is that you have to put everything aside what you know from real world situations and you have to read the syllabus to pass the examination.

Once, you get the certification and update in your resume you can look for a position or job change. This plays a very crucial role in selecting your resumes to consider as suitable candidate from the crowd. Now, many organizations consider this is as cut-off criteria for selection of profiles. Once you get through the selection process the knowledge that you acquired give you the strength and boost your confidence in clearing the interview and land in lucrative position.

Worth of ITIL certification

So, now the main thing is you need to decide is it worth doing ITIL foundation certification? Well to answer this you have to look at few different angles like:

  • ITSM Credibility: It might help people who are working in ITSM area as they have to apply the theory in real life situations with common sense to yield better results.
  • Marketability: No one in this world work for free. You work so that you can earn more money. So if doing certification can yield you more money it’s always worth to invest for better future.

Now, ITIL certification has helped various candidates a lot in their jobs as it gave them a proper understanding of the process that happens at the workplace. The most important thing is that you can apply theoretical knowledge in your process to yield better results. Now, it’s up to you what you are going to do after you get the certification, will you apply the knowledge or it’s just an addition to your resume is completely yours choice.

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