Are the ITIL practitioners in-demand?

AXELOS recently announced the launch of the latest ITIL practitioner module that will assist organizations and professionals to enhance the value they get from adopting ITIL by offering practical guidance additionally for adopting the setup for supporting their business operations.

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The different levels of ITIL qualifications

As of now, there are 11 different modules of ITIL examination, and hence, you might feel there exist the minimum need to opt for any of these modules. The existing ITIL examination modules can be classified into three levels:

Foundation Level: it provides generic awareness of the prime concepts, elements, as well as terminology and it is the starting block for all the subsequent modules of ITIL qualification.
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Intermediate Level: this level includes five qualifications on Lifecycle, one each for service strategy, service transition, Service-Design, operation as well as a continuous service improvement. These qualification levels are targetedat team members and managers who requires a sound knowledge of the aspect of planning and managing the approaches that hold relevance to the corresponding Lifecycle stages.
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ITIL Expert Level: this level involves a single examination that is intended for helping people with broader knowledge on ITIL and those who aspire to know the techniques for applying and integrate the knowledge into their workplace.
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What is the need to opt for another ITIL practitioner examination? What can be the probable benefits of undergoing this examination? If you spent a bit time to study the announcement AXELOS made and the reason that made them launch this latest module, you would feel it will make senses to undergo this examination.

Undergoing the ITIL foundation course, you will gain knowledge of the key fundamentals. However, they will hardly learn to put this knowledge into practice. There are few million people who have undergone the ITIL course. However, this module is hardly delivering value to the organizations.

To complete the journey from the Foundation to the expert module of ITIL, you will require going through extensive training, spanning for several weeks. This is far more that the majority of candidates can justify. The intermediate module assists candidates to acquire extensive information, however, it is not enough unless you get to the MALC level.

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The area that the latest practitioner module focuses on

The latest practitioner qualification is based on service improvements on a perpetual basis that in the opinion of the experts has been a grossly misinterpreted aspect of ITIL.

It refers to the additional practical guidance sources. Experts often deliver presentations on continuous service improvement. They usually recommend extra practical guidance for supplementing those aspects, found across the publications on ITIL. Hence, it naturally creates an impression that this module of the examination can come invaluable to the IT professionals.

The training module for ITIL practitioner usually spans for two days that is the perfect span for people to participate in learning the foundation knowledge as well as the tricks and tips for putting in into practice. Thus, undergoing this examination, you will be getting the significant impetus to developing a rewarding career that will be offering you fast-paced career development opportunities. Thus, you should give a serious thought in this regard.