Project Integration Management And The Works

Project Integration Management at Work

Integrating the data and the people involved in a particular project t is the main part of any project management group. If you are looking to take part in any project management course, the first thing you will taught of will be about the different groups that are a part of the whole process. An s project manager it is your duty to integrate all these teams and make it into on specific team who will work toward the success and closure of the particular project on hand. You have to create a sequential relationship between the different process groups so that you can make the process a successful project.

What is integration management?

The main aim of integration management is that you need to integrate the work of the different groups that are a part of any project. It is very important to integrate the different groups individually and then as a whole in order to get the required closure. It is important for you to meet the requirements of a good leader in order to integrate the teams as a whole. So integration management basically means that you have to integrate the whole team in order to make the project a success.

Initial Process Group

The initial group will be in charge of preparing the project charter. The charter is nothing but the documentations that hold all the details of the project that is to be initiated. It will holdall the objectives of the project along with the details of those who are to be a part of it. This project charter will help you to make a more detailed plan for the project.

Planning Process Group

Using the project charter this group need to make a formal plan regarding the project. It is very important to divide the project into smaller milestones an d set predefined timelines for each. Planning the process will ensure that you get the job done easily and without any hiccups. This also ensures that the man power resources are used in the proper manner.

Execution Process Group

This is the group that ensures that the plan is being executed properly. It is very important that the project manager plays a very important role in integrating the different functions in the project. This is one of the most important groups as they ensure that the work is being carried out properly.

Control Process Group

This particular group is in charge of controlling and monitoring the changes. As a control group you have to ensure that the groups are well integrated and that all the work is being done well. It is also very important to jute all the changes that take place in a project as that will help to monitor the progress.

Closing Process Group

This is where the project finds its closure. All the different groups have to be properly integrated in order to find the perfect and successful closure.

Thus project integration management is definitely one of the most useful part of the certification.

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