An Overview On DevOps

DevOps is one such movement which has gained it paced for the last few months. Organizations of all size and shapes that have implemented the DevOps techniques have shown tremendous growth and have put a positive impact in the software development world. It is obvious fact that every CEO and CFO of software organizations would definitely want their operations and development teams to work seamlessly and a reduction in their maintenance and services costs.


DevOps is a practice in which the development, operations and business teams works together to develop new software services for the organization. DevOps has resulted into a cultural shift within a software organization, has changed the relationship between its business and technology sections. This cultural shift has allowed the software organizations to progress at a much faster pace than before. This faster pace has enabled the organization to keep up with demands of the business in market with time and also the lifecycles of the products and the services.

So, get a quick look at the overview on DevOps which includes its components and benefits. You can implement DevOps in many ways.

Implementation Of DevOps Techniques

Before implementing the DevOps techniques you need to know about how the different sections of your organization like architecture, technology, application development, engineering, marketing, sales, product development works together. First the software organization should present itself as one team which heads towards the same direction. A strong leadership is needed in the organization that can eliminate any roadblocks that can slow down the team’s performance. Every team member needs to project themselves as an essential part of the team. Thus, when implementing DevOps techniques, you have to commence from a small area and expand it to larger section overtime.

Development and Application Of Infrastructure

Some components of DevOps are development specific and therefore, all the other sections need to support the functions of development teams. For developing your infrastructure first you have to employ an agile methodology which is relevant for you organization. Implementations of such methodologies should be focused and small. While implementation, you need to perform tests that are highly defined and focused and executed rapidly. The development of application should be based on SaaS and API concepts. One of the important components of DevOps is Infrastructure as Code which is used in the implementation and development of infrastructure configurations.

Concepts Supporting DevOps

There are many common concepts that support and enable a DevOps collaborative framework within the software organization. Below are listed some concepts that supports DevOps.
* Leadership – Leadership is one such component without which DevOps cannot exist. A strong leadership is very much needed for an organization to develop and it leads the organization to a predictable success.
* Communication– For the well implementation of DevOps techniques, it is very much important to have a continuous and consistent communication between the different teams and within the teams.
* Strong External Technology partnerships– DevOps is well supported by keeping the partners of the organization close to itself.

Today every software organization is heading towards implementing DevOps techniques. The best way to implement DevOps is by starting with a small team and applying this on one project. In conclusion, there may be some roadblocks in the due course but you need to keep trying until the benefits show up.

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