Communication in the process of Six Sigma for an organization

When the process and methods of Six Sigma is initiated in any organization, a number of changes are noticed and incorporated. During this time when adjustment and adaptation becomes the major way of surviving in the changed environment of the organization, communications does play an important role. Communication is a very important part of the process Six Sigma and hence whenever this method is initiated in an organization, the communication system has to be very strong in order to keep everything in proper order. There should not be any kind of communication barrier in between the departments and also each time the positive effects of any change has to be communicated for better outcome.

Communication in the process of Six Sigma for an organization

Importance of communication

It is the responsibility of the leaders of the company to provide proper information and proper training to the other employees of the organization regarding the process of Six Sigma. As the method brings about a number of changes in the system of the organization, thus the goals and the expectations has to be clear and has to be written down for better implementation. Proper noting down the processes of Six Sigma and documentation is important to accomplish the goals on time and resolve the problems that may arise due to changes taking place in the organization. A schedule or role register is made that explains the roles and responsibilities of each employee in the process and thus it explains the contribution of each employee towards the organization. Thus, in order to get the process and method of Six Sigma work well in an organization team work with great communication is very much required and needed.

At many times improper communication among the employees and the seniors can lead to a lot of confusion in the organization. It happens when the senior level managers are in the perception that they are communicating efficiently with the juniors employees but in reality there are many times when the employees are actually not aware of some of the important information.

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Important facts to communicate

There are some of the very important facts and information that the senior managers need to explain to the junior employees of the organization. For this it is important that the manager should empathize with the employee and then understand about what are the questions that are arising in the employee’s mind. For knowing such information the manager should interact with the employees and should try to learn their minds.

While communicating information to the employees, it is also very important to select the channel of communication very properly. Sometimes, information can affect en employee very drastically and thus it is important to seek such channel in accordance to the information for the employee. These days passing information via email is the best possible channel for all types of messages and information. Along with the channel of communication, it is also important to construct the message properly so that the whole information is delivered in the same tone to the employee in which the manager wishes to deliver.

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